Please find below some of the websites we have been commissioned to do.



Crochet 4 U


Our client here was a new, small business looking to establish a web presence and to have an online shop where they could sell their products.

Again, our solution for this client was a Content management System to which we added an e-commerce package and a payment gateway. By not tying ourselves to any one payment gateway we were able to secure our client the best available transaction fee at the time.


Brian’s Cookers


Our client in this instance had a very simple requirement. They wanted a single page on which their contact and location details could be found with a link to the online retailer they were partnered with should any potential customer want to shop online for new products. This page needed to match, as close as was possible, the promotional material that the client had already produced.

For this client we provided a 1 page solution that fitted their requirements exactly.