Have you ever noticed your PC slowing down over time? Ever wondered why? More importantly, what can you do to get it back up to speed?


What might be slowing your PC down?


  • Startup Programs: Examine a Windows system that’s slowed down and you’ll likely to find many additional startup programs have been installed, lengthening the boot process, cluttering the system tray with useless icons, and consuming CPU, memory, and other system resources in the background. Worse yet, some computers may come with a huge amount of useless startup programs out of the box thanks to manufacturer-installed bloatware.
  • Applications That Install Services, Etc: Applications that add shortcuts to Windows Explorer’s context menu can slow your PC down considerably. Other programs may install themselves as a system service, so they’re running in the background even though you can’t see them. All these affect system speed.
  • Security Software Suites: Some paid-for Security suites are often very heavy, consuming a lot of resources to perform all their functions. Plus you only really need a decent anti-virus program.
  • PC Cleaning Tools: PC cleaning tools (especially registry cleaning tools) are generally scams. They also slow down your PC considerably. They can also install programs that are malicious in nature without your realising it
  • Browser Toolbars: Browser toolbars and extensions can slow your PC down but the worst of them can slow your PC to a crawl.
  • Miscellaneous Junk: Badly written applications can clutter your system with useless files, slowing it down too.


So what can you do?


We can use our expertise, garnered over many years, to analyse your PC, determine what is slowing it down and take measures to speed it back up again. If your PC has slowed down dramatically and you don’t know how to speed it up, why not book one of our PC Tuning sessions provided in the comfort of your own home so you don’t lose access to your PC for days or weeks?  Just use the contact form on the Contact Us page or phone us to book a session.